Horsing Around With Kelloggs At Verwood!

Miniature horse Kelloggs cantered into the hearts of Verwood residents this summer during a fun-filled visit to the Care Home.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Emilia was browsing Facebook to find inspiration for an equine activity when she found Linking Hearts Therapy Horses.

Emilia knew that resident Anne rode horses when she was younger and wanted to surprise her with a horse-themed session.

But in her wildest dreams, Emilia didn’t expect to be leading a miniature pony into Verwood’s bedrooms and lounges for extra-special visits.

Emilia said: “It was a magical experience for all of us.

“Kelloggs is the cutest pony you could meet, and he’s visited with all the residents in their bedrooms or the lounges.

“It was incredibly moving to see the residents’ faces when Kelloggs walked into the room - they were thrilled to see him.

“He’s such a calm, peaceful boy who rested his head on their laps and let them fuss him.”

The ethos of Linking Hearts Therapy Horses is to bring joy to those who need it in the Bournemouth area.

They have 29-inch tall Kelloggs and recently welcomed baby Bambi, a one-year-old mare, to their happy home.

Understandably, their visits are booked months in advance, so Emilia wasted no time booking for next year.

Emilia said: “It will be so exciting to have Kelloggs back and to meet Bambi.

“Anne had a wonderful time during the visit and meeting Kelloggs brought back lots of happy memories for her.

“Kelloggs was fantastic with everyone and brought so much joy with him.

“I know the residents can’t wait to have Linking Hearts Therapy Horses back with us again.”