July 2023

Focus on friendship for Alternative Valentine's Day


Hamberley Care Homes opted for an alternative to the traditional ‘day of love’ and focused on wellbeing and togetherness instead.

The Alternative Valentine’s Day event saw everyone enjoy some well-earned self-care with special beauty treatments and relaxing therapies in the home’s luxury spa.

Verwood House resident Mavis Owen, aged 84, said: “I have enjoyed this, it’s nice to spend time with friends you know.”

Fellow Verwood House resident Jean Oliver, aged 91, said: "A bit of pamper session always feels nice. I have always valued my friends, there is nothing more important than having a good friend.”

Verwood House residents Jean Oliver and Mavis Owen enjoy their pamper session

Staff and residents at Chawley Grove Care Home focused on friendship and giving back to those who had spent a lifetime caring for others

Mother of three and resident Lin Butler, aged 74, has spent a lifetime of sharing her love, caring for her children and seven grandchildren. She also used to work as a supervisor for Marks & Spencer as well as accommodating many overseas students studying in Oxford.

Lin, who lives with dementia, celebrated some luxury spa treatments with all her ‘gal’ friends at the Cumnor Hill home. Lin is regularly visited by her bestie Gill, so knows how important girlfriends are.

Chawley Grove resident Lin Butler enjoys her luxury spa treatment

Chawley Grove Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach, Megan Wilson said: “All our girlfriends are important, at work as well as outside of the workplace.

“But we wanted to get all the girls together giving them a chance to show each other how much these friendships mean to us, and to show a bit of appreciation for one another.

“It felt so good to see Lin get spoilt, she has spent all her years looking after the kids and working.”

Milngavie Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach, Morag Scott said: “Our friendships are very important to us at Milngavie, and we wanted to celebrate that.

“Of course, Valentine’s is special for so many reasons, but our friends are always there getting us through the good times and the bad times. They are good for our health.

“And looking after our health and wellbeing is vital to our quality of life.

“It’s always lovely visiting the hair salon, so we made the day extra special, by decorating the space and turning the day into a real social activity and the pampering made everyone feel great.”

Elstow Manor resident Esma Page with Gay Williamson.

At Elstow Manor Care Home resident Georgina Beckett, aged 78, has fostered more than 25 children and knows the true value of taking time out for yourself sometimes.

She said: “I thoroughly enjoy my spa baths; I feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I find the grounds of the home so peaceful too.”

Georgina also used to work as Avon area manager while fostering children for many years. She lived in Dunstable before moving to Elstow Manor.

Resident Esma Page, aged 87, said: “I thoroughly enjoy the spa baths, and feel everyone should have one in their homes too!”

Elstow Manor Wellbeing Lifestyle Coach, Oliver Waddington said: “Self-care and wellbeing are very important for all our residents and our staffing team too.

“Our staff promote a great holistic approach to our residents’ lives; promoting wellness including physical and emotional wellbeing.”