Elstow Residents Launch Space Day Mission!

Space Day was out of this world for residents at Elstow Manor as they took a trip into the far reaches of the galaxy.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Oliver Waddington hosted an intergalactic event in the cinema, complete with live links to the International Space Station.

The explorations included journeys across the known universe and to the sun via documentary footage.

They also watched a launch from Cape Canaveral and a rocket docking at the International Space Station.

Oliver said: “It was a great chance to enjoy the wonders of space from our comfy cinema seats!

“We looked at the planets, journeyed into a black hole and enjoyed some light-hearted space-themed animations.

“During the space session, we visited a live link at the International Space Station twice.

“It was fascinating to see how far it had travelled during the time we’d been enjoying our space day.”

Oliver’s excellent presentation and video links were shared across Hamberley Care Homes, so other Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coaches could do their sessions.

According to Oliver, the feedback was great.

He added: “It was so gratifying to see how much Elstow residents enjoyed the session, and to know it went down well in other Homes is terrific.

“I was excited to create our intergalactic resources, and I’m glad we were able to mark National Space Day in style.”