Elstow Birthday Buffet Wows Shirley And Her Loved Ones

Birthday girl Shirley celebrated in style with her family this July as Elstow’s kitchen team served up a glorious buffet.

Chef Rachel Meyerhoff and her colleagues created a sumptuous menu of finger sandwiches, fresh scones, and Shirley’s favourite cakes.

The celebrations took place in Elstow’s private dining room, where Champagne and G&Ts were served to her guests.

According to Chef Rachel, Shirley was bowled over by the occasion.

Chef Rachel said: “It was lovely to see Shirley as the belle of the ball.

“She didn’t want to leave the room because she was enjoying the party so much.

“When we brought through the buffet and all the cakes, Shirley and her guests remarked how amazing it all looked.

“Everyone was very gracious and appreciative of our efforts.”

Shirley had asked for carrot cake, lemon drizzle and banana cake for the party.

Chef Rachel also made her a delicious birthday cake, and Shirley was given a second cake from her family.

The guests brought fresh flowers, balloons and presents for Shirley to enjoy.

Chef Rachel said: “There’s no doubt that Shirley was shown how loved she is by everyone who came.

“We’ve had lovely feedback from Shirley and her family to thank us for the party food.

“They were very impressed by the high standards we have and the quality of the spread.

“It’s always lovely to get such a nice compliment and to have made a resident feel so special.”