Darts Player Keith Scores A Bullseye At Upton

Competitive residents at Upton Manor Care Home showed off their grand slam skills when they got hooked into a game of darts.

Even residents who had never played darts before soon got into the friendly game at the Poole care home, although for keen darts player Keith Ashton it all came flooding back in no time.

Keith started playing darts at the age of 14 and has now been playing darts for 74 years. He used to play in a darts league for Essex and was lucky enough to play with an English darts champion named John Lowe.

Keith loves to keep his mind and body active and sees darts as a great way of maintaining his hand-eye coordination.

Wellbeing and lifestyle Coach Tina Betteridge said: “It takes a lot of stamina to play a game of darts. You must maintain a sharp focus and a steady hand, and then your movement needs to be clear as you aim the dart at the target board.

“We were all very impressed by how good some of us were and also how competitive it became, although it was all very good-spirited!”

Darts is a great game for improving hand and eye coordination, as well as relieving stress in a positive way, helping build social skills and improve concentration.