Chawley Grove Residents Bewitched By Adorable Newcomer Winnie

There’s been high excitement at Chawley Grove this March as new recruit Winnie arrived to begin her job of ‘Happiness Officer’ at the home.

The gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy belongs to Home Manager Michelle Daly and will be coming to work a few times every week.

Winnie is almost four months old and has a lovely, calm personality, making her the perfect companion for residents.

She accompanies Michelle on her morning walk around the home, saying hello to the residents and boosting their happiness levels.

Michelle said: “Winnie is such a good girl, and it’s been so heart-warming to see how much the residents love her already.

“She’s very calm and totters about happily and even attended a relatives meeting the other day.

“The residents’ families are delighted to know that Winnie is around to provide company and cheer to their loved ones, and she’s been known to join in during their visits.

“She’s a little ray of sunshine, and we all adore her.”

Winnie is a 5th generation pedigree pup registered with the Kennel Club.

She will be a big part of the Chawley Grove community in the months and years ahead, which Michelle says will mean a lot to everyone at the Home.

Michelle said: “Many of the residents are animal lovers and had their own pets.

“Spending time with animals is very therapeutic, and we can already see the impact Winnie is having.

“It’ll be lovely for us to watch her grow as a cherished part of the Chawley Grove family.”