Caddington’s Wild West Event Sees Residents Let Loose!

Aspiring Cowboys and Cowgirls at Caddington Grove got a taste of the Wild West at an American-themed party this autumn.

Whilst tradition and order were maintained at the saloon bar, some residents got rowdy as they enjoyed a game of ring toss, putting their co-ordination and competitive skills to the test.

When it came to food, the chefs at Caddington Grove were having none of the traditional cowboy fayre of hard tasteless biscuits and dried meat.

Instead, they served the more scrumptious treats including a mix of savoury foods as well as some chocolate treats.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Alex McLaughlan organised the event after speaking to residents about a themed day and what they would most enjoy.

He said: “The Wild West day was an excuse to dress up, listen to some country and western music and tuck into a delicious buffet laid out by our chefs.

“It was all very civilised, and outlaws were certainly not invited, but it did give everyone a chance to talk about their own adventures, although not as glamourous as some of the legendary tales of the real Wild West!”

Alex was also able to play some famous country and western tunes on the day whilst some residents enjoyed a glass of wine.