Caddington Dog Lovers Welcome Lovely Eddie

The arrival of a new visitor at Caddington Grove has warmed the hearts of residents who love dogs.

Adorable Eddie the Labrador belongs to Home Manager Debra Brewer and made his debut appearance in April.

The nine-year-old pooch is a gentle and loving soul who spreads joy wherever he goes.

So, on Friday 8th April, Debra brought Eddie to work and introduced him to a host of new friends.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Claire O’Neill said that the Residents were thrilled to make Eddie’s acquaintance.

Claire said: “From the moment he arrived, Eddie was inundated with fuss and attention!

“We took him to every room so all the residents could meet him, and they were so happy to see him.

“Ruth, one of the Residents, loves dogs and has a pillow embossed with a picture of the dog she used to have in her room.

“When Eddie walked in, her face lit up, and she was so excited to spend time with him.”

After doing the room rounds, Eddie made his way to the lounge area, where he sat calmly with his new friends.

The Residents enjoyed his company as they relaxed together in the cosy space.

Claire added: “Eddie was so relaxed, especially when he spent time with the residents living with dementia.

“He laid down quietly and occasionally pottered about, especially if biscuits were being offered.

“It wasn’t just the residents who were delighted to have him with us, our team loved Eddie being around too.

“We’re hoping to have him visit us once a month going forward.”