July 2023

Birthday Celebrations For Joyce On Her 94th Birthday


Joyce, who went out for lunch on her big day with family, came back to a delightful surprise – as staff had decorated her bedroom and dining room with birthday banners and balloons.

She said: “What a delight it was, and a big surprise, what a lovely way to spend my birthday.”

The grandmother of seven, and great grandmother of six, used to play for Luton Ladies netball team, loves singing and even once sang with a choir.

And when Joyce retired from her work in financial administration, she took up bowls representing Bedfordshire County several times and travelling abroad to play in places like South Africa. But she retired from the game at the ripe old age of 90!

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Clare Cook everyone enjoyed making a fuss of Joyce.

“It’s important to celebrate our birthdays and we know Joyce is a big fan of chocolate, so the chocolate drops were perfect.

“It is a privilege to have Joyce here at Richmond Manor and sharing these moments are lovely for everyone.”