Artistic Richmond Residents Enjoy Autumnal Colour

Amateur artists at Richmond Manor are being inspired to create seasonal artwork using autumn colours.

There are several residents at the home who love to paint and encourage others with their enthusiasm.

They’ve been using autumnal reds, browns, yellows and oranges during recent art sessions at Richmond Manor.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Lead Clare Cook said that the autumn art class is ongoing because it has proved so popular.She said: “We have some exceptionally talented residents. Art is a known anecdote to stress and provides an opportunity for us to express ourselves in a very creative way.

“We can communicate our emotions as well as our thoughts and experiences through art. Here at Richmond, it has brought us together and given us all something lovely we can share.

“Of course, the finished works have been spectacular and have been on display for everyone to enjoy - the autumn colours are truly amazing.”

Painting is known to aid people in using both sides of their brain simultaneously, helping increase brain activity without struggling.