Animal Magic At Caddington Petting Zoo Visit!

In March, residents at Caddington Grove got to meet some delightful visitors when a mobile petting zoo visited the home.

Ark Farm brought a collection of wonderful creatures in for a visit on Wednesday 23rd March.

There were rabbits, guinea pigs, an owl, a dog, and a baby hoglet for residents to interact with.

According to Homemaker Lee-Ann Geddes, it was a joyful afternoon for all involved.

Lee-Ann said: “It was a beautiful day, and Ark Farm set up a space outside and an indoor petting zoo.

“They were wonderful with all the residents and made sure every single person got some one-on-one time with their furry friends.

“The residents were beaming because they were enjoying spending time with the animals.

“One of our residents spent time fussing Ark’s Farm’s dog - he was so calm and gentle with her. She has the biggest smile on her face just spending that precious time together.”

Nobody wanted the Ark Farm animals to leave when their visit came to an end, and Lee-Ann is hoping they’ll be back soon.

She added: “We must have Ark Farm here again because the impact on the residents was so positive.

“They loved every minute, and the animals were so good with them. We’d love to welcome them back very soon.”