July 2023

Residents Enjoy A 'Hole' Lot Of Fun At Rosewood House


Home Chef Dudley Christie laid out the mix and the utensils and explained the art of doughnut making before everyone got started.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Lucy Bingham: “This activity was amazing fun, but it was hard work especially with all the mixing and stirring.

“It was certainly very good exercise for us all and of course this is important in activities here at Rosewood, and it keeps everybody motivated to keep moving.”

Resident Pamela Towlson expressed how excited she was to eat her hard work and Dolly Goddard couldn’t wait to compare the tasty doughnuts with those her son was due to bring to the home later that day.

Doughnuts have a long history and during World War One women from the Salvation Army served them to the soldiers as a morale boost. It is said the doughnuts were even cooked in hot oil in the helmets of American soldiers.

There are thought to be two national doughnut days, one in June and another in November.

Lucy added: “As far as we are concerned at Rosewood House, the more doughnut days the better!”