Pupils Receive 'Sweet Treats' From Our Verwood Care Home Team For Lockdown Kindness!

Residents at our Dorset care home thanked local school children for their hand-made lockdown cards of kindness with a special delivery of delicious sweets.

Children from Hillside Preschool & Early Learning Group were thrilled to receive the sweets this week from Verwood House, our care home in Ringwood Road, Verwood.

And it is hoped the exchange of gifts and cards will continue to strengthen the relationship between the care home and the school even further.

Emilia Turner, Verwood’s Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach, who handed over the sweet gifts to the children said: “Our residents were so delighted to receive a postbag of truly wonderful cards from the children this spring.

“The gifts really touched all of our hearts here at Verwood, especially as certain lockdown restrictions continued. We wanted to think of a way to return the favour and we know most children love sweets, so we asked the school about that.

“Most crucially, these relationships are so important in helping to bring the generations together, everyone benefits throughout the community.”

Verwood resident Mavis Owen said: “The cards were a lovely surprise and it looked like children worked so hard to make them, I hope they like the sweets too!”

Elaine Ford, Manager at Hillside Primary School, Hillside Road, said:

“The children from Hillside Pre-school used their creative talents to design Easter cards for the residents of Verwood House Care Home.

“The residents were so pleased to receive such thoughtful cards and messages and wanted to give the children some sweets and cards to say ‘thank you’.

“It was great that the Verwood team could extend the children's knowledge and awareness of their local community; especially through the pandemic when children may not have been able to see their own grandparents.

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