July 2023

Nora Gives The Best Cuddles At Abbots Wood Manor


When the home first welcomed the little pooch, no-one could have imagined that she would settle in so well. So well, that Nora now visits regularly.

Nora is owned by Abbots Wood Manor Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Kay Griffett.

Kay said: “Nora has made friends with many of the residents. So much so that she will be attending an animal therapy course and she will be joining us on a regular basis.

“Nora fits in so well with the residents.”

(PIC: Resident Barbara and Nora.)

Friendly pets are often used in pet therapy and can help tackle many physical and mental health issues. Interaction with a pet can help reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

And most people with pets will tell you they have a calming impact on us which can help reduce stress and pain.

Other benefits of meeting and spending time with a pet, include:

  • Increasing verbal communication
  • Increase self esteem
  • Developing social skills
  • Motivating exercise
  • Reducing boredom