Nailing it: We put our hands together for Diabetes Awareness 

Team members from our Luton support office are encouraging discussion around diabetes research and progress in treatment - which is the theme of this year's World Diabetes Day.

Michelle Heslop, Personal Assistant to Hamberley's Chief Executive Officer, said: “I have lived with diabetes now for 23 years and at times it can be difficult. No day is the same.

“I learned the hard way about living with diabetes, when I was 18, I went into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis), where the sugar levels go too high, I spent a few days in ICU.

“My friends and family didn’t know whether I was even going to wake up. After that I learned that you do not short cut diabetes, the 10+ pricks on your fingers to test your sugars, and the numerous holes you poke in your body to inject the insulin may not be pretty, but they are all an essential part of living with Diabetes, to ensure you survive.

“I need to calculate the carbohydrates I am intaking to work out how much insulin I need to take, too much or too little can be fatal. I must keep on top of managing my blood sugar levels too, as this comes into effect when having to inject for my meals and snacks."

Michelle explains: “There are a whole host of things I have to think about in terms of care. This year we’re raising awareness through the #NailingDiabetes challenge which is to encourage everyone to paint their nails blue on November 14.

“The idea is to help find more life-changing research breakthroughs.”

Homes across the group are also being encouraged to join the nail colouring fun to raise awareness.

At Verwood House Care Home Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia Turner is pictured with resident Mavis Owen showing off their carefully painted nails.

World Diabetes Day was jointly introduced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The global diabetes awareness campaign was introduced amidst concern over an escalating diabetes epidemic.

Michelle added: “I have grown to see life is and can be normal living with diabetes, as long as you are in control of it!”