July 2023

Les Puts His Art Under The Hammer At Caddington Charity Auction


Talented Les – who worked as a line supervisor at Vauxhall for 49 years - only started painting when he moved into Caddington Grove in February 2021.

He invited staff, residents and their families to bid for their favourite pieces so that he could hand over the money to an incredibly worthy cause.

After hearing about the vital work done by Luton Children’s Society, Les wanted to pledge his support.

He said: “Everyone deserves a future and the chance of making a life for themselves. The Children’s Society does incredible work locally, and it’s important that we recognise that.

“I was delighted that my work raised a grand total of £160 to support the work of this charity.

“Of course, it’s also nice to see that all my work will go to a good home.”

The auction event was held as part of Caddington’s community outreach programme, and all the pictures were beautifully framed by the home.

The auctioneer was Caddington’s Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Touria Oulhat who also organised the event.

She said: “We were so impressed by Les and all his work and delighted he chose to donate it to such a good charity. It is very important to us at Caddington that we can reach out to our local community.

“It was daunting to be auctioneer on the day and to make sure all the correct bids were recorded.”

 “Everyone was very enthusiastic, and most people put in a bid. We all enjoyed it and loved seeing Les’s display of art.”

The donation was gratefully received by the charity, and they commended Les for thinking of others.

A Luton Children’s Society spokesman said: “We work with children so they can achieve their dreams, and we will never give up on them.

“Our work relies on the generosity of people like Les and all those at Caddington. This is one step to helping a child face a brighter future.”

Touria visited Luton's branch of The Children's Society to hand over the cheque to deputy Manager Allan Alud.

Allan said: "The money you have donated to us today will go a long way to help children both locally and nationally experience life safely and to the full.

"We are extremely grateful to Caddington Grove for choosing The Children’s Society as their charity of choice.“