July 2023

Verwood House Hosted Heart-warming Reunion on Hot Summers Day


On the 10th August 2020, one of the hottest days of the year, resident Brian and his wife Deidre celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary during a socially distanced visit to the care home.

Brian wanted to surprise Deidre with a gift, so he persuaded Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia to purchase some flowers and a card so for him to give to Deidre during her visit. Brian and Deidre also received a card from all staff at Verwood House.

Deidre brought her wedding photo album with her, and Brian was so pleased to see Deidre and look at the pictures from their special day. He made so much effort to show the lovely photographs to everyone around him!

Brian and Deidre met for the first time at a dance in Westcliff, Bournemouth, when Brian had just come out of the army.

A few years down the line and they were getting married at St John’s Church in Bournemouth, on the 10th August 1957.

Their honeymoon was a glamorous affair in Switzerland and they actually decided to return there on their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Deidre took the time to thank Emilia for organising the visit. “I’m so happy to visit my husband on our special day after all this time, especially with what has happened across the country recently with the pandemic.”

Emilia was so happy to play a part in this heart-warming reunion. She said, “I work with Brian every day and I know just how much he’s missed Deidre, who he’s spent nearly his entire life with.

To see them back together again was very touching. They were laughing, reminiscing, and talking about their family who I’m sure would’ve loved to see this.”

Brian and Deidre have 3 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Brian used to own a business called Bainton Flooring, and the business is now run by one of their daughters.

Brian loved playing all sorts of sports such as golf and Deidre was a great opera singer.

We can’t wait to see the lovely couple back together again soon.

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