July 2023

A story of love - Kathleen & Peter


When asked when they met, Peter said, “100 years ago!”

Their story starts in a factory just outside of London. Kathleen was in one end and Peter was a supervisor in the other. Kathleen was nervous to tell him that a friend of hers couldn’t come to work that day, but she rustled up the courage and went over to him. He wasn’t having any of it, and made her go and collect them!

Sparks flew, though, and soon enough they were married. Kathleen said, “They said they felt sorry for him where we worked, because we’re completely different. We are! He’s quiet, she’s mad, they said. The marriage is never going to work!”

But it did. They have two daughters and a son together, and spend a lot of time together to this day.

Kathleen and Peter enjoy a romantic lunch alongside fellow Caddington couple Derek and Joyce.

“He’s a completely good fella, this fella. He’s English, I’m Irish, I’m mad, he’s quiet!”

When asked if they have any advice for young couples today, Kathleen said “don’t rush into it”, and “just behave themselves – like I do!” much to Peter’s disbelief. Peter joked, “get out of it while you’ve got the chance!” before going on to say, “no, we have a great time.”

“She kicks me up the backside, she love’s doing that.” But when we asked if he likes it, he said, “well that’s a secret”.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. Thank you Kathleen and Peter for sharing your story.

Kathleen and Peter's advice for the younger generation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!