May 2024

Nesbit Residents Enjoy Sea Of Colour In Bluebell Woods


Adventurous Nesbit House Care Home residents discovered the beauty of the amazing bluebells when they visited Emmetts Garden in nearby Ide Hill.

The group spent the afternoon at the National Trust site which is on their doorstep in Sevenoaks.

Resident Pauline said:

“The woods were covered in this incredible colour; it was beautiful to see, and I do recommend it. I am sure they will look good for most of May too.”

The beautiful five-acre garden is known for its collection of rare trees and flowering shrubs. It is well visited in the spring with people flocking to see the fabulous colours.


The woods have been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the English native bluebells that are enjoyed by so many.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon for residents who welcomed a nice tea in the pretty café area, where they also caught up on each other’s gardening ideas.

Wellbeing Coach Iestyn Gadd said:

“We could not believe it when we saw how the bluebells covered such a vast area, we were all impressed and went away inspired.

“We are now thinking about how we can use some of the colour we saw at Emmetts Garden in our own lovely garden at Nesbit House.

“Emmetts Garden is a slice of tranquillity of calm and right on our doorstep so we can plan many more visits and in the meantime, even replicate some of it at home!”