May 2024

Adorable Animals Bring Feel-Good Factor To Abbots Wood Manor


Residents couldn’t believe it when a group of friendly farm animals stopped by for a visit making themselves at home in their comfortable lounge.

For resident Ann, the visit was particularly special as it gave her the chance to reminisce about her time petting lambs during the Second World War.

As a war child, Ann was evacuated from her home in Hampstead to a farm in Berkhamsted and remembers her time there looking after the animals.

Ann said:

“It was lovely to see the lambs at Abbots Wood Manor. They are such gentle creatures and very friendly, too.

“I couldn’t believe they came inside our home!”


Also visiting from www.petpalstherapy.co.uk  were chicks which sat very happily on residents’ laps as well as enjoying the warmth of their hands.

Regional Community Relations Lead Richard Hollands said:

“Everyone loved seeing the animals as well as stroking them. They put a smile on people’s faces.

“The visit was part of the pet therapy programme we have here at Abbots Wood Manor. We know that pets can improve people’s mental as well as physical well-being and every time we have visiting animals everyone’s moods are lifted.

“They also encourage people to get talking and to share stories of their own much-loved pets.”

Pet therapy is becoming increasingly popular as the benefit of spending time with animals becomes more documented. Some of the ways pet therapy benefits us:

·       It can help reduce stress and anxiety as animals are generally linked to positive experiences

·       It can improve physical health, even stroking an animal can have a positive impact

·       Pets can help reduce loneliness, especially for people living alone

·       Animals can improve social interactions and bring people together