Homemakers of Hamberley

We believe it’s the people that make a loving home. That’s why our carers are so much more – they are Homemakers.

What is a Homemaker?

A Homemaker is a ‘universal worker’ role which means our Homemakers are carers, housekeepers and companions all in one.

  • Homemakers provide care and support for our residents, including administering medicine under the guidance of our clinical team
  • Homemakers take care of the general day to day housework
  • Homemakers offer companionship and take an interest in the lives of our residents, supporting them with their choice of lifestyle and wellbeing


What does a Homemaker do…?

…whatever is needed to support our residents to live the life they choose.

Daily activities include but are not limited to:

  • General tidying and help to keep rooms looking their best
  • Assisting residents with personal hygiene
  • Administering medication and monitoring resident’s wellbeing
  • Helping to organise a day trip or a shopping visit for a resident
  • Supporting residents with their mobility needs
  • Being a friend and a companion


What are the benefits of our model of care?

Our Homemakers operate under the expert guidance of our nursing team, who are on site 24 hours a day, ensuring that an exceptional culture of care exists. As our residents’ needs change we adapt the level and type of care to suit them. As well as providing guidance and support to our Homemakers, our nurses are on hand to monitor and assess our residents.

By identifying changing medical needs early, before they cause discomfort, we can significantly reduce hospital admissions. This also means we can reduce any additional stress or disruption to daily life that often delays recovery. Our unique approach ensures our residents receive continuity of care within a homely environment and families feel secure that their loved one’s changing needs can be met.


How does it work for our team?

Our Homemakers work in partnership with the Nurses and benefit from their expert guidance. They both report directly to the Clinical Lead who serves as coach and supervisor and is responsible for the overall care operations and, with the Home Manager, the quality of services in the home.

This non-hierarchical structure benefits both Nurses and Homemakers alike. Nurses feel empowered to innovate and create the culture of care they’d always dreamt of and Homemakers feel empowered through additional training and development to deliver truly person centred care that can adapt to residents’ changing needs.

"The Homemakers are just wonderful, making every day an experience for residents" - Daughter of a Hamberley Care Home resident

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When can I visit the home?

There’s no restriction on when friends and family can visit a resident because it’s their home and guests are always welcome.


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