March 2024

Red Nose Day Helps Build Team Spirit At Milngavie Manor


Fun-loving Milngavie Manor staff organised a full day of activity to help raise awareness of the good work of the charity Comic Relief.

Staff at Milngavie Manor are always keen to make a difference in other people’s lives, so they wanted to acknowledge and raise awareness of the annual international fundraising campaign.

Comic Relief raises life-changing funds to ensure people are helped around the world.

As the staff got involved in a variety of games and activities, including pin the nose, musical chairs and even a balloon race they were cheered on by amused residents.



Wellbeing Coach Morag Scott said:

“We have a strong team here at Milngavie Manor and we understand how important it is to support one another to ensure we can provide the very best care for our residents and support for families. We all wanted to do something for Comic Relief and decided that we could do it alongside our team building day. It was a great way to raise awareness and understanding of the charity.”

Comic Relief is a British charity founded in 1985 in response to famine in Ethiopia. Today, people’s donations make a difference to people in the UK and all around the world.

Cash raised helps provide food, shelter and a safe place for those most desperate.

This year, the charity raised nearly £40m on March 15, Red Nose Day.