January 2023

Artful enterprise at Verwood House


And when local Dorset artist Johanna Kennedy Wall visited Verwood House, she inspired residents to pick up a paintbrush and try out some watercolour creations.

Thanks to Johanna, resident and art lover 89-year-old Jean Hartland was most thrilled by the artist’s visit, which inspired her and gave her the courage to pick up a brush once again.

Jean used to paint regularly before she became affected by arthritis which limited her painting sessions.

However, with the help of Johanna, Jean was able to work again.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Emilia Turner said: “Art is beneficial in so many ways, not only can it help us creatively and mentally but also physically.

“Not only can painting improve our fine motor skills, but it is an activity, so it increases our blood flow and causes an enhancement in dexterity in the hands, fingers and wrists.

“We are so grateful to Johanna for paying us all a visit because she demonstrated that no matter what our age or fitness, we can all enjoy being creative.”

Emilia added: “Jean was so thrilled that she recommended the activity to all her friends at Verwood House!”

Residents produced a selection of artwork and look forward to joining the sessions again next month.