Enhanced Infection Control Pledge - FAQs

How are we keeping our residents and staff members in our care homes safe? Your questions answered.

What is your Enhanced Infection Control Pledge?

Every resident and visitor in our homes can expect a safe, clean and hygienic environment, that protects their health and supports their wellbeing. Our infection control measures have always been above industry standards but, in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the risk that it posed to older people, we have taken additional extra precautionary steps to protect our residents.

Our Enhanced Infection Control Pledge means you can be confident that every Hamberley Care Home is a safe and protected environment that provides outstanding care for you or your loved one.

For full information see our Enhanced Infection Control Pledge page.


Cleaning of living spaces

How often are bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms cleaned?

All bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms are cleaned daily and more frequently if a resident requests something to be cleaned. Rooms are also cleaned by Homemakers as and when they are required throughout the day, for example if things become untidy during daily activities or if there are spillages.

How often are shared living spaces such as sitting rooms and quiet areas cleaned?

All shared living spaces are cleaned daily and after each activity or use of the living space. We are also cleaning surfaces such as door handles, coffee tables, and bar areas more frequently. As part of our updated infection control training all staff have an increased understanding of how to mitigate the spread of an infection from person to surface and visa versa.

How often are assisted living shared bathrooms cleaned?

Assisted living shared bathrooms are cleaned daily and after every use by a resident.

What extra cleaning checks have been put in place?

We have increased the frequency of our infection control audits and our handwashing audits, where we spot check that all of our procedures are being followed correctly and ensuring that we exceed the industry standard for infection control. Regular team prompts and checks also ensure that all team members are continually reminded of our infection control policy and the importance of good hygiene throughout the home.

What cleaning products do you use?

We use industry standard antibacterial sprays and sanitising products that disinfect and prevent infection transmission.

All the products we use are fast-acting sporicidal disinfectants, proven to protect against the coronavirus family, they are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and only need a contact time of up to 1 minute to be effective. Our products conform to EN1274, EN1040 and EN13704. We also use alcohol-based clini wipes which are effective as anti-viral.

How are bed linen and towels cleaned?

All bed linen and towels are washed with disinfectant detergent on wash cycles set to temperatures of 60 degrees or more.

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Are bedrooms well ventilated, can windows be opened?

All homes are well ventilated and bedroom windows can be opened to provide good ventilation for each room. The regulatory restrictors on the windows ensure there is not a safety risk to residents when they are opened.


Staff Training

What type of additional training have staff received so that they can implement your Enhanced Infection Control Pledge?

We have ensured that every Hamberley team member, from home level right through to our senior team and our support office, has updated their infection control training so that they have the most up-to-date knowledge of best infection-control practice.


Staff Health and Wellbeing

How do you check the health of your team? Is there a process for reporting this?

Our team are fully aware of the symptoms to look out for and if they notice symptoms in themselves or feel unwell, they are advised to contact their line manager. We have provided guidance and supportive information on our Quality Assurance system that all members of the team are able to access from home. Also, accessible here is our Wellbeing page with lots of supportive information, resources and links to help with the physical and mental wellbeing of our colleagues.

How often are temperatures checks performed?

Staff and visitors will be checked on arrival at the home to identify anyone who may be unwell without realising. Residents are checked for symptoms twice a day due to their increased vulnerability. Anyone whose temperature is outside of normal limits is not permitted to enter the building.

What about staff uniform? Do people change into fresh clothes when they come to work?

So that our homes truly feel like homes for our residents we have a non-uniform policy for our team. However all team members must change into their ‘working clothes’ when they arrive in the building and change the clothes they have worn throughout their shift before they leave. They must wear fresh, clean clothes whenever they are at work.

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Do you have a sufficient supply of PPE and how is it stored?

Hamberley Care Homes maintains a central supply of PPE so that we can distribute the stock to individual homes as and when they need it. Each of our care homes has a separate store room for PPE and then each residential unit has its own smaller store cupboard for easy access to supplies.

How frequently is equipment cleaned within the home?

All our equipment is cleaned with our approved disinfecting products daily or after every use.

When you receive a delivery what infection controlled measures have been put in place to stop the spread of infection?

Where possible deliveries will be taken through a service entrance and not through the main reception. When receiving deliveries staff will wear gloves, dispose of packing safely according to set guidelines, and where appropriate sanitise the delivery.



What is your admissions policy?

We have measures and procedures in place to ensure any potential new residents are screened for clinical risks including those associated with infection control. This is to make sure we have everything in place to meet their needs and safeguard all other residents in the home.   

Our admissions policy follows the latest public health guidelines and clinical best practice. Please contact the specific home you wish to make an enquiry about and speak to a member of our dedicated admissions team. You can find all home contact details on the Our Care Homes page.


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